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Transfer to Production

Starting small and delivering big

Biotech Division of CDigital is actively pursuing to develop indigenous expertise and commercial usage of new research in the areas of Synthetic Biotechnology, Microbial Biotechnology and Bio chemicals. We are committed to striving for building a strong footprint of biotechnology manufacturing in our country. Our prime focus is to help local businesses and research institutions in developing an ecosystem for biotechnology.

Production and Design development

CDigital, in collaboration with  international partners, offer services in design, development and implementation of biotechnology solutions. Along with the production of advanced biofuels, bio-products, renewable chemicals, bio-based specialty chemicals (pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, food ingredients). Microbial design and analysis for production of enzymes, chemicals, polymers and natural products. Apart from design, we conduct technical studies and commercialization of biotech related research.

Technical services and Solutions

We provide affordable next-generation biotechnology solutions for agro-genomics, sequencing, food testing, soil fertility, water cleaning, industrial wastewater and effluents treatment, etc. We also deal in supplying technology platforms, equipment, scanners, analytical instruments, software, kits and reagents for biotechnology labs and manufacturing plants.