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Asset Management System

Asset management is primarily a financial activity. A systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating physical assets. In CDigital the management of physical assets (their selection, maintenance, inspection and renewal) plays a key role in determining the operational performance. CDigital Assets Management System is the art and science of making the right decisions and optimizing this process. CDigital Asset Management System helps with this task by maintaining a record of all the CDigital assets. This system is a highly adaptable system designed for movable fixed assets such as furniture, IT assets and vehicles etc.

The successfully implemented system includes the following features:

  • Asset Data Audit and Tracking
  • Tracking of all fixed and consumable assets within a single database
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Customizable, as per the need of the organization
  • Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
  • Secure Management of Data
  • Integrable Architecture
  • Rich Reporting Tool