Coastal/Oceanic Monitoring


Our planet is constantly changing in ways that impact every facet of our society. To keep coastal communities, economies, and ecosystems healthy requires keeping track of ocean and coastal areas—monitoring and assessing how these areas are changing.

From tracking contaminants in the water, assessing environmental change, monitoring sea-level rise, or surveying the coastline and coastal sea floor, physical, chemical, and biological observations help coastal communities make the best decisions for them and for the environment.

Development, erosion, and other forces can alter the face of the coastal landscape. These changes can have implications for conservation, recreation, development, planning, and even safety. CDigital uses a range of tools to monitor changes in the shape of the coast.

Sea level rise and other flood-related hazards can have potentially severe impacts. CDigital helps scientists for analyzing and planning for these threats with the help of appropriate technologies. Our offerings in this case includes;

  • Tide Stations (onshore & offshore)
  • Tsunami Monitoring

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