Solar tube well

Application DevelopmentProviding sufficient water for irrigation is becoming harder and harder for farmers across globe and specially in our country. Main reasons behind are less water availability in rivers which were sole and enough source of water some decades ago but now hardly available to common farmer, never there electricity when required and ever increasing costs of diesel and gasoline.

In this situation the idea of using solar to generate electricity has become more and more viable. Most of the areas of our country are capable to produce 5.3 kWh/m²/day energy which is 10 times higher than Germany, the country with largest installations of alternate energy upto now. Which is one of the best figures around the world and could have been appreciated a long time ago by utilizing solar energy in our power grid.

Solar-based water pumping system can be DC or AC operated. DC water pumping system is somewhat cheaper but not applicable in case of larger water-pumping system. i.e.  three phase water pumps. Solar-Powered pumping systems (called tube wells in Pakistan) consist of three basic components: