Vehicle Scanning

Vehicle ScanningOur Vehicle Scanning System provides high level of security screening at important access points. Underside vehicle images can be “matched” with colour vehicle photos and license plates. All images are archived, which can be retrieved by license plate number for analysis at the back-end facility. Images can then be reviewed with “zoom” capabilities for extensive inspection and control purposes.

Major Design Factors Considered For Solutions

  • Safe, Automated Occupied Vehicle and Cargo Scanning
  • Effective Reflexion Imaging Technology
  • Drive past cargo inspection module
  • Automated scanning operation
  • Scan at target vehicle speeds up to 15km/h
  • High-quality ReflexionTM X-ray images
  • Low-Z materials discrimination from high-Z backgrounds
  • System is capable of being shipped within a standard shipping container reducing transportation costs
  • Radiation safe for drivers, passengers, operators and bystanders
  • Rapid Deployment Transport System
  • Self Contained Inspection Module For Effective Operation