Vehicle Scanner

Under Vehicle Scanning System provides high level of security screening at important access points. Underside vehicle images can be “matched” with colour vehicle photos and license plates. All images are archived, which can be retrieved by license plate number for analysis at the back-end facility. Images can then be reviewed with “zoom” capabilities for extensive inspection and control purposes.

Vehicle scanner is mostly used in big departments and organizations for ensuring their security risks. Some of its applications are :

  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Air Force / Military / Naval bases
  • High end residential complexes / townships
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Institutions
  • Ports
  • Oil Depots
  • Communication Nodes
  • Office buildings / Campuses

Rapiscan RXM Reflexion Module

Safe, Automated Occupied Vehicle and Cargo Scanning

The Rapiscan® RXM ReflexionTM Module is a rapid deployment, inspection solution designed for critical security applications and x-ray inspection applications. The Rapiscan® RXM Reflexion TM Module uses a 200 KV X-ray imaging system for scanning cars and cargo to a maximum height of 4.0 m and up to 1.5m away from the module. Designed to automatically scanning occupied vehicles, the RXM helps to identify a wide range of threats, and concealed items.

Features :

  • Safe, Automated Occupied Vehicle and Cargo Scanning
  • Effective Reflexion Imaging Technology
  • 200 KV X-ray imaging system
  • Drive past cargo inspection module
  • Automated scanning operation
  • Scan at target vehicle speeds up to 15km/h
  • High-quality ReflexionTM X-ray images
  • Low-Z materials discrimination from high-Z backgrounds
  • System is capable of being shipped within a standard shipping container reducing transportation costs
  • Radiation safe for drivers, passengers, operators and bystanders
  • Easy to maintain and operate by a 1-2 person crew
  • Rapid Deployment Transport System
  • Self Contained Inspection Module For Effective Operation

CargoScan MDT – 5000

Drive Thru Movable Cargo Inspection System

Cargo Scan MDT- 5000 system enables automatic screening of up to 150 vehicles / containers per hour with steel penetration up to 250 – 270 mm without the driver leaving his seat.This state–of–the-art 5 MeV scanning portal has been designed for meeting requirements of high throughput and cost-effective cargo screening.

Features :

  • High level of radiation safety
  • High throughput
  • Compact design
  • Movable (easily relocatable) system
  • Cost-effective solution