Thermal Eye

The Thermal-Eye is a revolutionary thermal imaging camera designed for public safety departments, law enforcement professionals and military use. Setting the standard for durability and compactness in thermal imaging cameras, the thermal eye is an ideal addition to any department’s arsenal and has been battle-tested in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Thermal Eye can be used in :

  • Security Forces
  • Secure Production Plants
  • Atomic radiation areas
  • Military
  • Surveillance Companies
  • Navy

Thermal Eye X100xp

The affordable Thermal-Eye X100XP gives users the ability to see in complete darkness whether on a routine patrol, locating a lost child or tracking a fugitive. Developed with Raytheon’s advanced amorphous silicon microbolometer detector, the X100XP delivers the ultimate in true infrared technology, as no lighting is required.

  • Helps in search and pursuit of Fugitive
  • Provides Routine patrols
  • System helps in detecting Hidden compartment
  • Provides Asset protection
  • Helpful in Search and rescue
  • Really Helpful in Crime scene Investigation
  • Provide an officer the ultimate safety and security solution
  • Afford officers the ability to track fugitives without exposing themselves to unnecessary danger
  • Monitor suspects without their knowledge, day or night
  • Provide an incredibly clear picture of the surrounding scene, upto 1000 feet, through the use of superior imaging software
  • Easily spot a fugitive hiding in thick foliage or under a vehicle