Personal Access Control

This drive system is used in stadiums, indoor swimming pools, leisure parks, etc.
This type of access system requires a very sturdy drive. Even during normal operation, the turnstile must be able to cope with strong forces. A large stream of visitors may on no account cause an error in the access control system. Only one person at a time is granted access. Even if several persons attempt to turn the turnstile further to enter together using for instance only one admission ticket, the system must be able to withstand.

Personal Access Control can be used in :

  • Schools and colleges
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Transportation facilities
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Commercial facilities and many other sensitive areas
  • Defense and Government


Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection Systems

BioStation is a full-spec, top range fingerprint access control & time attendance terminal. Powered by the world’s best fingerprint algorithm and unrivalled equipment level. Biostation provides superb level of biometric security and user satisfaction.


  • Full access control & time attendance features
  • Wi-Fi wireless LAN, TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand
  • 2.5” color LCD, 16 bit sound, LED indicator
  • RF card options – EM, HID Prox or Mifare
  • Stores 400,000 templates & 1,000,000 logs

Biometrics Identification Solutions:

Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner

HS100-10, a new generation fingerprint and finger vein hybrid multimodal scanner, is an integrated unit that enhances the features of a conventional optical sensor and utilizes the features of NEC’s original finger data capturing method.HS100-10 is oriented for high capability and high accuracy of Multimodal identification. Multimodal identification solution realizes the capacity of capturing the finger feature data under various situation. HS100-10 is connected to the personal computer via USB2.0 interface with power supply.


  • Hybrid Matching Algorithm
  • Fusion Identification Method
  • Easy to Use Light Weight
  • High Scanning Capacity