Explosive Detector

Explosive Detectors are an important part of the security equipment. CDigital makes available Pinnacle brand of equipment for Explosive Detection.

Explosive Detector can be used in :

  • Toll-gate security prison search
  • Rescue assistance container
  • Container terminal vehicle
  • Luggage
  • Freight age
  • Mail railway transportation
  • Passenger carriage security and so on
  • Airport security
  • Border
  • Frontier patrol search district
  • Regional search shore patrol
  • Coast guard building search diplomatic residence
  • VIP hotel security broad area(range)check public facilities
  • Casino port
  • Watercraft customs

Mini-Explonix Explosive Detector

Explosives detection involves the detection of a macroscopic mass of explosives material (a visible amount of explosives), usually based on either imaging or on molecular properties of the explosive. Bulk detection methods are less dependent on sampling techniques than trace detection methods. Bulk detection is not usually applicable for direct scanning of persons (health hazard).


Without Batteries: 0.400kg
With Batteries: 0.685kg
Length: 249 mm
Height: 48 mm minimum-55 mm maximum
Width: 65 mm

Explonix All-In-One

Features :

  • Continuously vapor mode with instant Reading
  • Portable explosives detector-Analyzer
  • Analytical vapor mode with instant Reading and identification
  • Analytical vapor mode with detailed identification

Technical Specifiacations:

  • Detection Limit: Picogram reading
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Display of volume of Explosive on detection.
  • Identification of explosive type in analytical vapor and particulate mode.
  • Portable
  • Response Time:1 second for both vapor modes

ED-6 Handheld Explosive

Drug Materials Detection System

ED-6 material detector is the most advanced inspection system which can carry out the real-time crime scene investigation and confirmation. ED-6 material detector is portable and easy to operate. It can detect the substances (mainly drugs and explosive materials) fleetly and effectively on a large scale and lock the probable position (can shrink the search scale to 1-3 m3), then confirm the species. It is quite different from the detectors being used in current market which can analyse the substances only when they directly contact and collect the information of the tested substances.

Detectable Materials:

  • Drugs: Amphetamine, Cocaine, Ecstasy/MDMA, Heroine, Marijuana, LSD/Ketamine and so on
  • Materials: ivory, cigarettes, liquor, cultural relid human recognition
  • Military explosives such as TNT, DNT, Nitra mine Tetry, PETN, HMX; civilian or homemade gunpowder, NG explosives, ROX/Hexogen/Octagon, black powder, Ammunition& propellants, pistol bullets, old weapons, firecrackers, skyrocket, fireworks, plastic explosives-C4, C1, PE4, Semtex-plastic explosives and so on
  • Features:

    • Non-contact, remote detecting
    • Accurate location lock and wide application range
    • Able to detect many kinds of materials simultaneously
    • Able to set the magnitude of detected material
    • Strong anti-environment interference performance
    • Accurate internal angle sensor
    • It is fast, non-destructive, high-choice, high spatial resolution

E3500 Chemilux

Portable Advanced Dual-Mode Explosives Detector

E3500 is the only portable device capable of detecting the presence of homemade, military and commercial explosives, including ICAO taggants, plastics, ammonium nitrate, black powder, other nitrates and TATP. Portable, quick detection with clear, accurate results, with very high selectivity for explosives and immunity to humidity problems. E3500 detects traces of particulates and vapours of explosives, non-invasively in luggage, mail, cars, trucks, clothing, electronic articles, backpacks, documents and containers.


DETECTION PRINCIPLE: Luminol Chemilux – Disposable cartridge.
DETECTABLE COMPOUNDS: Most military (including plastic) and commercially available explosives, C4, TNT, Nitroglycerin, Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, RDX, ANFO, ICAO Taggants,(DMNB, EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT), Urea nitrate, and TATP.
TYPICAL SAMPLE/ANALYSIS TIME: Sample: 5-30 seconds (user selectable based on application) Analysis: within 20 seconds.

EVD 3000

For Hand-Held Explosives Detection

Introducing the EVD 3000 Hand-held Explosives Detector from Scintrex Trace, manufacturer of some of the most advanced chemical detection systems in the world, including its exclusive GC-IMS, EVD, NDS, and Chemiluminescence lines of trace detection.


  • Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Cheaper
  • Guaranteed Result
  • E3000 is self-contained, lightweight, portable device

Technical Specifiacations:

    Detection Principle: Electrochemical (Thermo-Redox) detection. No external carrier gas.
    Detection Compounds: Most military and commercially available explosives, including ICAO Taggants(DMNB, EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT).
    Typical Sample/analysis time: Sample: 5-30 seconds (user selectable based on application) Analysis: 10 seconds
    Warranty: One year return to manufacturer.