Tenant Management Information System

WMSmainUnder the ITR (Information of Temporary Residence) ordinance, 2015 the property dealer, landlord and tenant are bound to inform the police within 48 hours from the time the tenant moves into rented premises. Hotel and guest house owners must inform the police about guest arrivals within three hours of check-ins. For the ease of Public and the Police Department CDigital developed a web-based Tenant Management System (CD-Tenant MIS). CD-Tenant MIS facilitate the Law Enforcement Agencies to keep track of Tenants electronically and the public to get registered their tenancy without any hassle. The tenants and hotel/guest house owners can register themselves from anywhere without going physical to the police station.


  • Hassle free Registration of Tenants
  • Easy Registration of Hotels, Guest Houses and Property
  • Dealers to the Police Stations
  • Keep Track of Rented Properties
  • On single click get list of all Visitors in any Hotel at any time