Assets Management System (AMS)

CDigital’s Asset Management System enables the organization to manage its assets record and leasing agreements upto date. The system is highly adaptable and can be used for both fixed and movable assets as well as assets procured under leasing arrangements. It effectively increases the operational performance of the organization through improved management of physical assets throughout its lifecycle which include procurement, receipts, issuance, maintenance, inspection, renewal, depreciation and disposal.

CDigital Assets Management System contains the record of all the CDigital assets and its main features are:

  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Leasing Management
  • General Lease Agreement
  • Fixed Assets Management

    Fixed Assets Management includes:

  • Assets Registration
  • Assets Profile
  • Assets Browsing
  • Assets Depreciation
  • Assets Disposal
  • Administration
  • Locations Registration
  • Class Registration
  • Color Registration
  • Make Registration
  • Type Registration
  • Reports

Leasing Management

Lease Management automates the complete workflow of assets leasing. It manages the lease purchase voucher, lease agreement, rescheduling, rentals and administrative reports.

Following features are included in leasing management.

  • Lease Purchase Voucher
  • Lease Agreement
  • Lease Payment Voucher
  • Lease Rescheduling
  • Reports

  • Registration of assets class wise, department wise, value wise or any other parameter given by user
  • Asset Browsing Class wise, ID wise, Location wise, etc
  • Asset Tracking like movement or allocation of assets, Transfer from one department to another, etc
  • Manage Record of Purchasing
  • Inventory Management which gives information about present stock and contents of the building

Assets Management System document