Network Management System

Managing and securing access to network across the organization requires skilled professionals equipped with right tools in place. CDigital provides Network Management System to ensure that your network access policies are implemented correctly. Through NMS, you can manage and monitor your network for proactive resolution of problems to avert any disruption in smooth functioning of the business.

Main Features of Network Management System are:

  • Network management
  • Monitoring
  • Circuit provisioning
  • IP performance reporting
  • Database backup
  • Circuit troubleshooting tools

  • Block unauthorized computers from communicating with internal computers
  • Block FTP port and other download ports
  • Block illegal network share
  • Custom warning messages
  • Immediately pop up alert messages on administrators’ computers if any external computer attempts to connect to the internal network
  • Detect, warn and prevent any illegal computers from connecting to the internal network
  • Prevent outside computers from stealing company data and spreading virus
  • Give real-time warning message when external computer is connecting to the internal network
Installation Manual