Arcplan provides an integrated solution for business intelligence along with planning, budgeting and forecasting. It has an excellent integration with SAP ERP and also supports Microsoft SQL Analysis Services, Teradata and Kognitio.Arcplan software solutions enable you to deploy business intelligence, analysis, and planning applications that meet all of your organizational needs. Our open approach to data connectivity provides direct access to more than 20 data sources in their native environments. Arcplan does not require you to extract your data and aggregate content into a proprietary data source. Instead arcplan saves you time and connects directly to numerous relational and multidimensional data sources from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata and others. Our best-in-class device support allows delivery from desktop to smartphone – with one application. We call it DORA – Design Once, Run Anywhere.

Main Features of Arcplan are:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Large- and small-scale flexibility
  • Service creation environment
  • Data Storage
  • Provides Security
  • Analysis of data
  • Query & Reporting Tools
  • Web self-service analysis
  • Planning framework & workflow engine
  • Complete data availability

  • Login Systems
  • Adding or removing Districts
  • Records Of Police Stations
  • Accused form which contains information about Criminals
  • List Of FIRs
  • Many different options are available to print and generate reports
Installation Manual