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Tenant Management System

CDigital developed a web-based Tenant Management System (CD-Tenant MIS). CD-Tenant MIS facilitate the Law Enforcement Agencies to keep track of Tenants electronically and the public to get registered their tenancy without any hassle.

Driving License Management System

Driving License Management System helps the concerned departments to ensure the transparency in the issuance of driving license process. It is a web-based responsive application which can run on any device.

Husman Resource Development System

HR software converts manual filing systems and paperwork to electronic files. This can help to reduce the potential for errors and employee information leaks and losses, all while helping to greatly improve organization within the company.

Asset Management System

CDigital Asset Management System helps with this task by maintaining a record of all the company assets. This system is a highly adaptable system designed for movable fixed assets such as furniture, IT assets and vehicles etc.

Accounts Management System

AMS offers a range of features to assist the business organizations to operate the entire practice at peak productivity with real-time access to essential organizational, staff, and client information & meeting regulatory compliance.

Event Management System

EMS automates the process of booking of an event, streamlining the manual tasks associated with booking events & thus enabling businesses to increase productivity, make in-time business decisions & enhance customer service.

Consumer Billing System

Utility billing has evolved by the pasage of time and with technological advances. CDigital’s utility billing software has helped the organization to revolutionize the way they collect and process daily usage and billing data.

Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System allows to register and locate all vehicles, gives route history and current location, generates useful monthly mileage data and calculates revenue depending upon the monthly sales and expenses.

Time Attendance System

TAS is biometric solution for attendance management. It can be used for any size of organization and can manage/monitor remote site locations at a centralized location. The system can generate nemerous reports as per company requirement.

Visitor Management System

VMS is used for electronically registering the incoming visitors. The system is capable of capturing, securing, and analyzing visitors’ record to supplement and enhance the existing security infrastructure of an organization.

Toursim Management System

One of our focuses is optimizing business processes of tourism companies, in particular those of tour operators. We analyze your existing processes and deliberate with you how to optimize them with CDigial Tourism Management Software.

Business Intelliegence

Arcplan provides an integrated solution for business intelligence along with planning, budgeting and forecasting. Arcplan software solutions enable you to deploy business intelligence, analysis, and planning applications to meet organizations demand.

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