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The Hydrological monitoring Program is responsible for collecting data from a network of water monitoring equipment. CDigital specializes in long and short term water quality and quantity studies using industry best practice methods and equipment.

Our systems are robust with a proven track record in the harshest environments. Our offering includes the monitoring of;

 • Surface Water
 • Ground Water
 • Flood Warning



CDigital designs and supplies a wide range of products for the unattended portents of atmosphere and its phenomena, including weather and climate. By selecting and integrating the best sensors for individual applications from a range of suppliers. Our offerings includes;

 • Automatic Weather Stations (WMO)
 • Automatic Climate Stations
High-Tech products, professional installation, maintenance and record keeping of long term automatic meteorological monitoring stations ensures most reliable data. 



In agricultural applications, a timely measurement of meteorological data is of the utmost importance. The use of data obtained by interpolation over large areas, for example using satellite monitoring, is not always desirable as they lack the required resolution.

CDigital has weather stations equipped with the sensors for the analysis of the meteorological event in the agrometeorological field.
Solutions can be customized according to the territory, the type of crops and the parameters to be monitored. Our offerings includes;
• Agricultural Monitoring
 • Irrigation Monitoring
 • Agricultural Decision Support 


Water Quality Monitoring

Freshwater is a finite resource and is as essential to agriculture and industry as it is basic to human existence. Any physical, chemical, or biological change in water quality that has a harmful effect on living organisms or makes water unsuitable for desired uses is because of pollutants.

CDigital provides hi-tech and high quality systems to assess the water quality in a local water body. Our offerings include the following systems for monitoring;

 • Freshwater
 • Groundwater
 • Coastal (Ocean/Sea) water


Oceanic Monitoring

Development, erosion, and other forces can alter the face of the coastal landscape. These changes can have implications for conservation, recreation, development, planning, and even safety. CDigital uses a range of tools to monitor changes in the shape of the coast.
Sea level rise and other flood-related hazards can have potentially severe impacts. CDigital helps scientists for analyzing and planning for these threats with the help of appropriate technologies. Our offerings in this case includes;

 • Tide Stations (onshore & offshore)
 • Tsunami Monitoring


Solar Monitoring

A solar monitoring system can help make you more aware of your PV system’s performance. It offers information about energy consumption and generation, optimizing energy usage, and damage to your solar system, among other topics. It’s important to monitor your solar setup in some manner – without monitoring, it can be difficult to figure out if your solar panels are operating at their best.
Similarly solar monitoring systems also plays pivotal role in planning for the implementation and installation of solar systems with effective performance and high efficiency. Our offerings includes the system and functional support for;

 • Solar Radiation Instruments
 • PV Soiling
 • Rooftop PV efficiency
 • PV Plant efficiency  

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