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Video surveillance

Video surveillance systems seem to be everywhere these days. But intelligent video surveillance system monitoring is a relatively new field. In the old days, you would install a video surveillance system and hit record on a VCR which would record what the cameras saw. If anything ever happened, you were able to go back and watch the video recording to see watch the event after the fact. The video recording could be used to help identify a criminal and be used for their prosecution in the event that they were caught.

Today there is a better way, and it is known as Intelligent Video Surveillance System Monitoring. It goes far and beyond your old standard surveillance system by having your cameras monitored by trained technicians, in real time, 24 hours a day. This allows you to react to an incident while it is happening and make a real difference in the outcome.


Access control

Access Control is a key pillar of today’s security. The growing need to control access to buildings and areas, more flexible working time models and the limitations of mechanical locks make a modern and reliable access control system indispensable.

CDigital offers complete, reliable and scalable access control solutions for any medium to large sized application. We also offer integrated add-ons for the complete Access Control System that includes Time Attendance, Visitor Management, Vehicle Access Control & Elevator Access Control System functionality.


Intrusion alarm

Our new intrusion portfolio addresses the challenges you face every day.

Intelligent detectors with false alarm immunity, keypads that are easier to use, panels with more power, and communications solutions that compensate for VoIP provide you the tools to create high-quality, reliable solutions for your customers.


Fire alarm

From reliable fire detection to advanced voice evacuation, CDigital delivers a safe, future-proof investment for every kind of location.

We offer a broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable fire detection and notification.

Our solutions provide precise, life-saving information at critical moments and are relied upon to help protect office buildings, warehouses, lodging establishments, educational facilities, retail stores and many other types of facilities. 


Public address

Public Address with comprehensive experience in designing and deploying communication products, CDigital has state of the art solutions offerings of public address and voice alarm systems. To be truly effective, a public address and emergency sound system must deliver exceptional performance and reliability.
CDigital has provided systems and components for major transportation terminals, houses of worship (mosques), public buildings, office buildings, schools and shopping malls.


Conference system

Today, the market is trending towards fully integrated solutions, where all kind of information is shared over standardized infrastructure and interfaces. To fulfill the current and future market needs, CDigtial is offering Conference System, representing the family of IP based conference solutions for the integrated conference world of tomorrow.

The conference solutions are used by all kinds of customers, ranging from small-sized organizations to multinational corporations, as well as local, regional and national governments and international summits.


Vehicle tracking

CDigital Vehicle Tracking solution and services ensure efficient tracking of vehicles by locating and reporting the precise location, enabling management meet its business objectives. Fleets can be tracked and monitored in real-time and various kinds of reports and alerts are generated.

CDigital-Teltonika JV provides complete solution of vehicle tracking system, tracking devices, Personal Tracker, GSM Voice USB,GSM Com Modem, Wireless Com, GSM Voice Fax, Wireless Controllers etc, to see complete range of products and functionality.


Scanning & detection

CDigital offers complete solutions relevant to personnel, baggage and vehicle scanning & detection;

 • Metal detection walkthorugh gates  &  Hand held metal detectors
 • Personnel, baggage & vehicle X-Ray scanners
 • Explosive detection systems
 • Mine detectors 

For further information please visit below mentioned websites;


Security management

Rise of demanding security & safety systems and operational effectiveness, results in cross platform system's integration and convergence.

The integration and convergency ease out the operational methodology and provides timely responses and deterance to threats and hazards. 

We offer completetly integrated and managed software systems that ensures the seemless integration among security & safety technologies.


Advanced video analytics

CDigital offers the best in-class camera-based video analytics with server-based analytics from platforms, dding powerful intelligence for applications requiring database matching. Analytics such as facial recognition and automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) help security operators and security managers make even smarter, quicker decisions, using a single software interface.

Our VMS solutions also complements camera-based Intelligent Video Analytics with industry-specific functionalities, for example, transportation analytics, such as detection of dangerous goods, speed control or traffic jam detection.

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