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Systems (Hardware)

CDigital offerings cover entire spectrum of computing systems as below;
 • Server consolidation & Server management
 • Storage consolidation & Server virtualization
 • Clustering & failover systems
 • Business continuity & disaster recovery
 • Data centers
 • Desktop Computers / Workstations 
 • Notebooks & Laptops
 • Desktop virtualization
 • Printer / scanners/ monitors / peripherals
 • Mobile computing devices / tablet PCs/ handheld gadgets
 • Servers & Processing units
 • Data Storages (DAS/ NAS & SAN) 


Systems (Software)

System software is a type of computer program that is designed to run a computer's hardware and application programs. If we think of the computer system as a layered model, the system software is the interface between the hardware and user applications. CDigital maintains the availability of systems softwares and services for ensuring turnkey roll-outs.
 • Server & Desktop Virtualization
 • Systems & Infrastructure management
 • Messaging & Collaboration
 • Operating systems
 • Database Management systems 


Network Infrastructure (Active)

Active Networking Hardware comprises the parts of a computer network that in some way actively work with signals in the network (amplify them, modify them, evaluate them, etc.). Active Networking Hardware are usually specific devices located in the hubs of the network.
 • Advanced network switching & routing from Edge to Core
 • Enterprise Wireless network infrastructure (WiFi)
 • Enterprise Firewall & Content filtering/ screening
 • Information/ cyber security & logical access control
 • Software Defined Network (SDN) 


Network Infrastructure (Passive)

The passive networking components are an essential part of any computer network. The passive network hardware includes:
 • Structured cabling
 • Cables (Fiber Optic cables, UTP/ STP/ FFTP cables)
 • Connectors & terminators/ Plugs
 • Fiber Patch Panel/ Patch Cords
 • UTP/ STP Patch Panel/ Patch Cords
 • Cable identifications & management
 • I/O Boxes and Face Plates
 • Network & server racks 


Electrical Power Infrastructure

Whether it’s providing continuity of service for your mission critical applications such as sensitive networks, computer centers, intranet and internet servers, uptime and utter reliability are the most important criteria. Power failures, leaks, surges or drops can lead to data loss, equipment damage, communication and internet downtime which could potentially cost your business dearly. CDigital Power Solutions offers an extensive range of UPS solutions from domestic to large data center application.

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