Stair Chair Elevator

Application Development

Stair Lift Energy Saving

Saving up to 30% energy
Extending product life by 20%
Green, environmental protection and low noise

Stair Lift Features
Exceptional durability and constructional
Lower power consumption
Rapid battery charge with overcharge protection
Smooth start, run and stop
Diagnostic digital display (LCD)

Thin, Effective Space saving design
Interchangeable seat and backrest uphoistery
Adjustable width armrest
User friendly controls

Safety features
User-friendly bi-directional switch
multiple safety edges auto-stop features
retractable seat belt
Over speed control protection
Keyed on/off switch :: prevents unauthorized use
Anti-slip footrest
Swivel and lock seat at top landing

Over speed protection
Motor overload protection
Limit switch protection
Anti-reverse protection
Electrical and mechanical brake system